Wine Styles

There are numerous varieties of wine styles all of which range in color from colorless, pink to dark red depending on the type of grapes used and the styles used in the fermentation . Classification of wine according to the style means that the wine is identified using the taste and color depending on whether or not the grape skins were removed and/or the amount of time they were allowed to soak with the grape juice before they were removed.

Wine Styles – A description of a few of the most popular styles

Full Red Wines

Also described as full-bodied red wines, they are usually darker, bolder, and leathery and slightly bitter. This is because the grape skins are left to ferment together with the grape juice which means that the wine retains a high amount of tannins. These wines also tend to have the highest alcohol content.

The most popular types include Mourvedre, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petite Sirah and Priorat.

Medium Red Wines

They contain less tannin and because of this, they are lighter than full bodied red wines.

They are also less bold but still have a strong enough taste. Examples of the most popular medium red wines include Shiraz, Chianti and Merlot.

Light Red Wines

They are lighter than medium-bodied wines but heavier than rose wines. They also contain fewer types of tannin as the grapes skins are left in contact with the grape juice for a shorter length of time before they are removed. Most medium red wines are sweeter to the taste but still have an enjoyable hint of bitterness and contain lower alcohol content than full red and medium red wines. Usually great with flavor-filled foods, the common types include the Gamay varietals, Pinot Noir and Pilotage.

Rose Wines

Commonly referred to as Rosato in Italy and Rosado in Portugal and Spanish speaking countries, rose wines range from near purple to light pink colors. They contain less tannin as the grape skins are left to sit with the grape juice for a very short time, usually a few hours before being removed and are generally sweeter. Rose wines are popular in many parts of the world. The most popular rose wines include Champagne, Grenache and Cinsault.

White Wines

White wine refers to all types of wine with colors that range from clear to yellow-gold. They are very common all over the world because they can be made from many types of grapes than are found in many parts of the world. They can be made using both red and white grapes but if they are made using red grapes, the grape skins are removed before the juice is removed from the grapes.

Rich White Wine

Also referred to as full-bodied white wine, rich white wines are creamy and have a buttery consistency. Because they are left in wooden barrels to mature, they have nutty and zesty tastes. Chardonnay and Chenin Blanc are common examples of rich white wine.

Dessert Wines

Dessert wines are generally referred to as sweet wines. Sometimes, dessert wine is fortified with alcohol so that it can retain most of the natural sugars which are used up during the fermentation process. In this case they can be referred to as fortified wines. Examples include dessert/fortified wines include Madeira and Sherry.

Sparkling Wines

These are fizzy carbonated wines which can be sweet or dry. The carbon dioxide can occur naturally during fermentation or injected in to the wine. Sometimes, the grape juice is first fermented in an open container that allows the carbon dioxide to escape and then fermented a second time in a closed container which traps in the carbon dioxide. Popular varieties include champagne, Punk Genau Sparkling Rose and Gruet Blanc de Noir Brut.

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