The world of mixed drinks has really evolved. You do not see a lot of millennials drinking a large amount of hard liquor. The history of the cocktail is quite interesting when you are talking about liquor, spirits. For example, the Manhattan is tied to the name of the Manhattan Club. The drink would become a hit on the New York bar scene. The drink remains popular today; there are even some old time priests that are willing to drink as a way to calm their nerves. We have to admit that the New York bar scene has had a large impact on the development of the wine and spirits industry.
A lot of the most popular drinks that started on the New York scene have migrated down to the state of Florida. In many ways as the years go by, and you look at the history of our liquor and spirits happens to be similar to the way snowbirds move to warmer weather, and new drinks can come to the South. A lot of snowbirds are moving to South Carolina; this may mean that a lot of different drinks may soon be created out of the state of South Carolina. It is also hard to see how this current generation could enjoy hard liquor like Southern Comfort or even Black Velvet. Many people in this generation simply may think that those drinks have run their course. Liquor, spirits are something that people from many different cultures can embrace.
Mixed Drinks
Some mixed drinks are referenced purely out of the thin blue sky. The Tom Collins is something that was created in the New York area to talk about some bad financial news that people would get. Tom Collins was the rich banker that would go around talking about the bad finances of his clients. The funny thing about it is that there was no banker named Tom Collins. I guess the idea of perpetuating this hoax was to motivate people to learn more about their finances.It does not matter if you are talking about the 1870s or modern day, there still are a lot of different people that struggle with their finances.
Down Home
A Sazerac has been around since the 1830s, and it is a good mix of some Kentucky Bourbon with some flare. Liquor, spirits are things that can definitely mix anywhere, but some great combinations have been created in that Kentucky, West Virgina area. This is even true if you head all the way up to Maryland. A Sazerac is definitely not something that people are willing to turn down when they want to try a creative cocktail. You are going to find this info in a lot of different down home bars in that area. The history of the Sazerac and the Black Russian prove that you do not have to be an elitist to enjoy these drinks. You can be a down home person and drink this stuff, it does not matter that a guy by the name of Gustave Tops created the White Russian, a good bartender knows how to make anyone comfortable with a given drink,