Liquor Types

Liquor refers to any alcoholic beverage that has been produced by distillation. Sometimes referred to as hard liquor, these beverages have significantly higher alcohol content than other non-distilled alcoholic beverages. Liquor has been around for centuries having been used by mankind for social, religious, medicinal and antiseptic purposes. Below are the some of the most common types of liquor that are popular around the world.

Liquor Types:  A description of a few of the most popular types


Originally Russia and Eastern Europe, it is highly distilled and does not have the distinctive taste and odors that other alcoholic beverages have. Originally, it was made by distilling fermented wheat but nowadays, it is distilled using fermented corn, rye and even potatoes. The almost pure ethanol is then mixed with a measured amount of water for it to be fit for human consumption. While some people drink vodka in itself, sometimes, it is used to make different type of cocktails because it has no remnant tastes or odors. It is also considered to be one of the purest spirits. Vodka is 40% alcohol.


This is another type of liquor that is very popular in the US, Ireland, Canada and Scotland. It is made by distilling a combination of different grains which may include; barley, corn, wheat and rye. This fermented distillate is now called whiskey. It is then put in wooden casks made of oak to refine the taste and flavor. The quality of the whiskey will highly depend on the how the wood used to make the casks was dried and how long it has been left in the cask.
The variations of whiskey include bourbon, scotch and Irish whiskey. Bourbon is an American whiskey which is made from distilled fermented corn while Scotch is an originally Irish whiskey made from fermented malt barley.


This type of liquor is made from distilling wine or fermented fruit juice. It can also be distilled from a wide range of fermented pureed fruits including pears, apples and has a high alcohol content of between 30% and 60 %. It gets its rich color from being stored in wooden casks while it matures. Its variations include Hennessey and Cognac which is very popular in France.


Made from a plant in Mexico known as the blue agave, tequila is strong liquor that is considered to be pure especially if made from 100% blue agave. They have a high alcoholic content of up to 55% depending on the variations.


Known for its popularity among sailors and pirates, this type of liquor is made by distilling molasses or sugar cane juice. It originated from the Caribbean islands but is currently also popular in South American countries.


This alcoholic beverage is a type of liquor that is made by distilling grains. It is then flavored using juniper berries. It is whitish yellow depending on how long it was left to mature in the wooden casks. Like vodka, it is considered to be pure and it is commonly used in cocktails. It also has a large alcohol content of between 40% and 50%.
There are other types of hard liquor that originate from different regions in the world but what qualifies an alcoholic beverage to be classified as liquor is the high alcohol content that varies depending on how or the number of times the beverage wasistilled.

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Liquor Types

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