Did you know that liquor such as whiskey is made from any type of different grains??  Did you know that when you see a number followed by the word proof on your favorite liquor bottle if you take that number and divide by 2 you can find the percentage of alcohol in any type of alcohol.  For example 100 proof simply means 50% alcohol content by volume.  Many whiskey’s are blended with other whiskey’s to create different flavors and potency.  Liquors are made in several different countries and have different aging and fermenting processes.  All Whiskey’s for example go through four different steps when being produced:  Step 1 Mashing, Step 2 Fermentation, Step 3 Distillation, Step 4 Aging.  Follow our blogs to find out more about all your favorite alcohol at the Arlington Liquor Store.

Types of Whiskeys Pic - Reggis Liquor, Fort Worth, TX 76155

Different brands of Whiskey’s