Beer is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in the world. Most beer types are generally categorized as ales and lagers depending on the yeasts, how long they were fermented and the temperatures they were subjected to during the fermentation process. However, there are hybrid beers which are in-betweens of ales and lagers or simply do not follow any specific fermentation rules. These include stouts& porters and malts.

Beer Types:  A description of a few of the most popular types


Ale is as old as mankind. These types of beers have been around for a longer time than lagers and records of it date back to ancient centuries. They are commonly referred to as top-fermenting because they are fermented at considerably warmer temperatures and during this process, the yeast forms on top of the fermenting beer. Ales are usually fuller-bodied, more intricate, and stronger than lagers with a variety of fruity smells and tastes. Examples include American Pale Ale and Indian Pale Ale.

Although they are generally darker than lagers with colors that range from black or amber to reddish gold, their alcoholic content is the same. These rich beers also come in different variations that have typical pleasantly bitter tastes and acidity.


These are relatively newer beers that are only a few hundred years. Currently the most popular beer in all parts of the world, they are referred to as top fermenting beers. This is because they are stored in very cold temperatures for several months and during this process, the yeast sinks to the bottom of the fermenting beer.

Lagers are lighter than ales often ranging from are a pale to moderate color. Because they are fermented in near freezing temperatures for a longer period of time, these alcoholic beverages tend to have crisp, fresh and refreshing tastes with a smooth finish. Lagers are fizzy because they are highly carbonated and can range from sweet to bitter in taste and pale to black in color. They however have nearly the same alcoholic content as ales. Popular lagers include pilsners


These are sweet beers that are made from a mixture of yeast, malted barley syrup, hops and water. Malts are darker but can be light to full-bodied and may contain hints of toffee, nuts and caramel. Most malt beers have lower alcoholic contents than both lagers and ales.

Stouts and Porters

These are hybrid beers that cannot be classified as complete ales or complete lagers. Porters and stouts are almost the same but their main difference being in their appearance and their tastes. Ale porters are top-fermented using a combination of roasted malt and are mostly jet black in color and sweeter to the taste

Stouts are also dark and sometimes nearly opaque in color. They are not sweeter to the taste unlike porters owing to the un-malted roasted barley. Stouts and porters simply depend on the brewer.

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  • We wanted to include a list of different beer types for all the beer connoisseurs that would like to go down a list and try new types from all different brands and origins from around the world.  We even carry brands made right here in GrapevineTexas.
  1. Ale
  2. Bouza
  3. Boza
  4. Bozo
  5. Cask Ale
  6. Cauin
  7. Chhaang
  8. Chicha
  9. Fruit and Vegetable Beer
  10. Gotlandsdricka
  11. Gruit
  12. Herb and Spiced Beer
  13. kellerbier
  14. Kvass
  15. Lager
  16. Oshikundu
  17. Pulgue
  18. Purl
  19. Sahti
  20. Smoked Beer
  21. Strong Ale
  22. Sour Ale
  23. Sulima
  24. Wheat Beer
  25. Zwickelbier

Beer Types

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